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clubbing_cover.jpg YEAR 9 READING PREFERENCES
Table illustrating the reading preferences of 2 Year 9 groups who completed this unit in 2008 :

Results of the pre-survey with 2 Year 9 groups who completed this survey in 2009:

skim_cover.gifREADING LISTS

The Graphic Shelf

A blog created so that students and teachers and librarians can share their favourite graphic novels.

An annotated list collated by BHS Teacher-Librarian 2009 (based on student fave reads) :

Graphic novel resources-March_09 An annotated list of useful resources from Di Laycock (who spoke at the SLAV coference, 2009) for those wanting to know more. (Di Laycock kindly gave permission for this link to her blog's post on graphic novels to be added).
Graphic novels @ Barker A list with reviews of 50 or so of the most popular graphic novels in the Barker College secondary library (posted Nov, 2009). (Di Laycock kindly gave permission for this link to be added)

To read more about some controversial graphic novels: "Skim"s Publisher Wikipedia on "Skim"
The author of this award winning novel is also writer in residence on the Inside a dog blog (Centre for Youth Literature, State Library of Victoria) in November, 2009, is Mariko Tamaki - the award winning author of "Skim". She is also an Inky contender in 2009.


ALA Recommendations

Aussie Reviews
Graphic novels are not listed as a category on this site, which reviews Australian books. However, a search for "graphic novels" will reveal a list of a dozen or so reviews - some of which may be for younger readers, some for teens. Hopefully this are will expand in the future.

Clasics Illustrated - Publisher

Hardy Boys Publisher info

HarperCollins Publisher Manga Reviews

Manga Worth Reading

Nancy Drew Reviews
Nancy Drew Publisher Info

Sealight Books